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The 2016 SIM IT Issues and Trends Study

Leon Kappelman, Ephraim McLean, Vess Johnson, Russell Torres, Quynh Nguyen, Chris Maurer, Mark Snyder


This article presents the findings of the Society for Information Management’s 37th anniversary IT Trends Study. Positive trends persist, with IT budgets, salaries, hiring and CIO tenure all up. Increased spending on cloud, software development, security and innovation offset decreases in hardware, software and facilities. Today’s IT leaders must balance strategic and operational roles while leading a complex IT function to economically and quickly satisfy demands for more innovation, security and value. Increasing frequency of CIO interactions with C-suite executives and time spent with non-IT customers and suppliers of their organization reflect this. More CIOs coming from prior non-IT roles and other organizations suggests that IT organizations and educators may not be sufficiently preparing today’s IT leadership.

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