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AIS Login Guidelines

UPDATE 07/01/2009: The login process has been changed to provide more convenient access to our users. The guidelines below have been updated to reflect these changes.


In order to streamline the login process, we have one login page for both MISQE users and AIS members. Because of the way our login script works, however, some AIS members have run into problems with accessing and/or submitting articles. The login page follows these basic steps for authentication:

  1. The username and password are first authenticated against the AIS login server. If the user is an AIS member, then he/she is logged in to the MISQE system with a generic AIS user account. If no matching AIS user is found, then...
  2. The username and password are authenticated against our local database of MISQE users.

Many users have accounts on both the MISQE and AIS systems. By default, MISQE user accounts are author-only, meaning that they can submit articles for review but not access any published content. Conversely, the generic AIS account is reader-only, meaning that it can be used to access articles but not submit them. The problem arises when both accounts have the same username/password combination. When the user tries to log in, he/she will always be authenticated against the AIS user database first and will be granted reader-only access. Thus, the user would be able to access articles but not submit them.


To resolve the problem, you will need to change your AIS account password to something that is different from your MISQE account password. To do this, you can log in to your account on the AIS website and click on the 'change password' link.  Then if you need to need to access published articles, you can log in with your new AIS username/password combination. If you need to submit an article for review, you can log in with your MISQE username/password.

If you continue to encounter problems logging in or accessing content, please contact the Managing Editor.


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